The Founder

Ryan Watson was born on November 25th, 1978 in Clearwater, Florida.

Ryan spent his entire youth growing up in the Clearwater area before going off to college in Boone, North Carolina. Here he would spend the next 5 years of his life playing football and eventually becoming an All-American defensive tackle, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences and Nutrition.

Ryan went on to be signed by the Tennessee Titans as a free agent, playing until he was released early in the season - only to be picked up by the Atlanta Falcons. He would stay on the Falcons for the next 2 years bouncing back and forth between active and practice squad. A critical neck injury sidelined him from the game and would eventually require a 5 level spinal neck fusion the following year.

After this extensive surgery Ryan began lifting weights the second he was cleared by doctors, he never looked back since that day. Several years after retiring from the NFL, Ryan began an 8 year long competitive body building career in the NPC. Winning several overall titles and placing top 6 and top 10 three times at several national level competitions (in hopes of gaining a pro card). Along the way Ryan has been featured in countless industry leading fitness magazines - with compliments showcasing not only his physique, but contributing as a collaborative writer as well.

After hanging up the trunks and walking away from the stage, Ryan has dedicated all of his competitiveness towards his business (Ryan Watson Fitness). He has been nationally recognized and rated as the #1 & leading personal trainer in the state of Florida for the last 16 years. Ryan has helped transform thousands of peoples lives, and now his newest business venture is the creation of his own brand Fit Supremacy.

Through this, Ryan sets out to help inspire the world in becoming a healthier, happier and more positive person.