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If you are reaching out to check the status of your order, track your package using the confirmation email we'd send upon placing your order. If you are emailing for a damaged or flawed product, please add your name, the email used to place the order and your order number w/ visual confirmation. You will find this information in your confirmation email, please add it to the form below.

Visual confirmation (required) is a clear photo demonstrating the product/print flaw. Please be sure to lay the product on a flat surface in a well-lit area, including the tag, product or print flaw clearly displayed. Please also send the Order Number associated with the order(s) in question. 

PERSONAL TRAINING: If you are interested in personal training or services, please provide your information completing the form below. Our training staff will respond within 24hrs to discuss availability and pricing.



Thank you for your ongoing support!
Ryan Watson | Founder, Fit Supremacy