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Certainly, detoxification of our body is needed now more than ever especially what with an increased level of stress, improper and imbalanced diet, unhealthy food consumption and improper sleep. Over a period of time, all the aforementioned issues accumulate toxins in our various organs and affect our overall body resistance. To deal with this, Daily Detox from Elements helps in improving body metabolism reduces and eliminates toxins and helps to build body resistance. Daily Detox as well takes care of the performance of the digestive system and helps to maintain our health. With Elements Daily Detox, we can as well detoxify our body on a daily basis.

Why Daily Detox

  • Promotes excretion of toxins from the body in a safe, yet powerful manner.
  • Action on multiple organs like stomach, kidney, intestine, pancreas, liver, heart.
  • Works on endocrine glands and builds immunity.
  • Powerful internal cleanser- can be used regularly for up to 4-6 months.
  • Its action helps you feel more energetic and younger.
  • Excretes unmetabolised compounds at the cellular level.
  • Removes lactic acid in muscles (lactic acid leads to muscular pain and cramps).
  • Removes excess sugar accumulation by increasing pancreatic activity.
  • Modulates kidney function (prevent sodium accumulation that causes swelling and oedema in legs).
  • Help neutralise the effects of habits like tobacco consumption.